Best Practice Guide for Career Transition Outplacement Support

We support clients on navigating the complexity of Outplacement and Career Transition projects

Why do organizations choose LHH’s Career Transition solutions

Scope: we support client’s through downsizing, voluntary or forced redundancies, restructuring, layoffs, and reduction in force?

Cost-saving innovation: we offer affordable & competitive packages for all client budgets.

Flexible & customizable solutions: We customize solutions suitable for clients varying needs. We offer job-search, entrepreneurial and retirement road-maps.

Find better jobs faster758 people in Vietnam embarked on amazing new career adventures in the last 6 months with our help. 82% of them negotiate equal or better positions.

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This best practice guide will provide insights and case studies for career transition strategies:

  • Protect brand at an early stage: Ensure each employee stays productive and focused, while the organisation plans the next steps.
  • Protect brand during and after redundancy: maintain team engagement and productivity during periods of change. Develop an open mindset to facilitate both internal and external employment opportunities.
  • Redeploy: Enable individuals to identify and leverage their transferable skills to source new roles within the organization, successfully explore and source external opportunities and proactively develop their careers.
  • Re-Skill / Up-Skill: Provide non-impacted employees with targeted training to advance current skills or gain new skills & knowledge.
  • Outplacement Support: Consider offering impacted employees with programs to enable them with the skills and knowledge to land better opportunities faster.

We can help your organizations and people

Career Transition & Outplacement Support

While dedicated, personal career coaching remains at the heart of everything we do, we’ve evolved outplacement to align with today’s digital hiring and recruiting methods. And with the introduction of upskilling and reskilling resources, we’re helping candidates land in today’s most in-demand jobs.

Redeployment Solutions

LHH’s redeployment solutions can help your company shift from a replaceable workforce to a renewable one. We combine AI matching technology, assessments and coaching with reskilling and upskilling resources, all packaged in an internal mobility program. Whether you’re trying to reduce the impact of an upcoming restructuring or build a long-term redeployment system, we’ll help you unlock the skills, capabilities and possibilities to make your workforce a true force.

Pre-planning Consultancy

LHH’s consultants support and work closely with the Project Team / HR on project planning to minimise risk to the organisation, ensure business continuity, and maintain employee productivity. 

Notification Support

Training designed to support notifying managers and HRMs to prepare for and conduct a notification meeting. 

Manager Notification Training

LHH Career Consultants available day of notification to meet with employees for pulse check, provide overview of Career Transition benefits and help them focus on their immediate next steps. 

Case Study – Rexam

Supporting people through acquisition transition

The challenge

There was a long period of uncertainty anticipated during the acquisition of Rexam by the American conglomerate, Ball.

HR’s role was to address this change and ensure employees felt supported whether they were leaving or remaining.

Because the activity took place over 17 months across 4 different geographies, they needed the support of LHH to help steady the ship and offer outplacement support to those exiting the business.

The Solution

There were key things Rexam were looking for during this period of uncertainty. They needed a supplier who could act fast, cover the global reach and tailor the outplacement programs to their needs.

LHH came on board and upskilled their internal HR and OD teams in order to have effective career conversations and deliver some of the traditional career transition workshops. They also created an online portal to help people really think through their careers and prepare for their next move.

The Impact

The results were phenomenal. This program helped the business continue to grow during the acquisition.

Saving £22 million, Rexam continued to build new plants and the sales over that period were up 2%.

Using the tools and techniques Rexam employees have learned from this experience means they are better equipped to deal with change and manage their careers.   

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