Change Management


Change Management

Change is an opportunity to make a difference, to improve, and to grow. Whether your company needs to manage continuous, defined changes or navigate the uncertainty of complex transformation, together, we can create the flexibility, agility, and resiliency your people need to thrive

Companies are experiencing a major shift in what “change” is. Discrete change events, each with a beginning and an end, are no longer the norm. Change today is disruptive and continuous, and traditional change management approaches no longer work. It’s time to move from the theoretical to something practical, actionable and sustainable. 
LHH’s Accelerate Change solutions for Leaders, Managers and Employees promote immediate, practical knowledge and tools that help companies develop and implement successful change initiatives. Leaders and Managers develop the understanding and approach to guide their teams through change. Employees become more emotionally resilient so they can embrace change and take on new challenges.

Transformation requires running a 2-speed business. It’s important for companies to maintain current operations whilst at the same time, focusing on how to reinvent the organization to stay relevant and competitive in a new business environment. How do you balance the two? LHH’s Accelerate Transformation solutions build the mindsets and capabilities needed to align, commit and deliver on your transformation objectives. We cultivate transformational leaders and help your people deal with the complexity and ambiguity associated with a successful transformation.

ChangeMap for Managers

Provide managers with actionable tools and techniques for leading individuals and teams through change.

Lee Hecht Harrison’s ChangeMap™ for Managers program combines a group development session with follow-up coaching to present and reinforce effective change leadership strategies. This program is:

  • Practical – Focuses on what to do and how to do it
  • Actionable – Uses timely and relevant business situations
  • Customizable – Can be integrated with existing organizational models and frameworks
  • Sustainable – Fosters strong change leadership capabilities over prolonged periods

Service benefits:

  • Equips managers to lead, engage, and retain talent before, during, and after a single change event or throughout ongoing change
  • Increases engagement and performance at both the individual and team levels helping organizations to meet their business and financial goals even while in the midst of transition
  • Delivers sustained results through integrated group development and ongoing coaching

ChangeMap for Employees

Lee Hecht Harrison’s ChangeMap™ for Employees is a dynamic program that helps individuals move through change more quickly and productively. As a blended learning solution, organizations can select from instructor-led sessions, webinars, or a self-paced e-learning.

Service benefits:

  • Teaches employees proven change and resilience skills that improve performance and morale
  • Reduces length and depth of productivity dips caused by change
  • Increases employee engagement and retention during organization restructurings, realignments, or reductions
  • Offers blended learning solutions to address different organizational cultures and needs

Building Resiliency

Build your managers’ capability to engage and retain talent.
Lee Hecht Harrison’s Resiliency and Workforce Productivity solutions provide managers and employees with a roadmap to manage and navigate change and uncertainty. Our approach provides a common language, practical tools and relevant support for managers and employees, enabling them to remain productive and focused on the business. Our solutions include executive and HR briefings, group development sessions on change, resilience and career planning as well as individual and group coaching focused on helping organizations engage and retain talent during times of change and uncertainty.

Service benefits:

  • Builds the strength, confidence, and flexibility to thrive in times of ambiguity and change
  • Helps retain and engage critical talent during periods of change and uncertainty
  • Motivates employees to focus on maintaining quality and supporting internal and external stakehol

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