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Can Coaching Boost Employee Wellness, Engagement and Retention?

Can Coaching Boost Employee Wellness, Engagement & Retention?

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Wellness at work has never been more important than now. Considering the current climate of job hopping and the high cost of recruitment – not to mention the fact that happier employees actually work harder – it’s easy to see how employee morale can make or break a company.

Increasing your team members’ wellness is likely to improve productivity, help them perform better in leadership positions, keep them engaged with the company and reduce days off for stress, sickness and burnout – all of which can help you save time and money as a business.

Why coaching leads to higher productivity 

The science says yes – ‘happy’ employees do actually work harder. Research from the University of Warwick shows that people work more efficiently when they’re happy – in fact, it makes workers around 12% more productive. (warwick.ac.uk)

It’s easy to see why wellness impacts on performance at work. If employees are engaged in their roles, feel supported and listened to, and understand how they are contributing to the success of the company, they’re more likely to take positive action than if they are constantly battling negative feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Why wellness can help employees to work better

  1. Employees will be more invested and engaged. If workers enjoy their roles and feel that they’re contributing to the company as a whole, they’re likely to feel more driven, pay more attention and go the extra mile in their roles.
  2. Employees can develop more mental resilience. Employees who feel supported and encouraged are likely to be able to deal with demanding workloads and high pressure situations much more effectively than those who are already feeling low.
  3. Wellness helps teams to work better together. Individuals who report high scores of wellness tend to have better work relationships with their managers, peers and direct reports, meaning more efficient teamwork and higher quality collaboration.

How business coaches can help with employee wellness

Employee engagement, wellness and performance all go hand in hand – which is why business coaches aim to improve all three. This can create a snowball effect, where success drives more success.

We’re all human, and everyone faces challenges at work from time to time. Without support, these experiences can make employees feel frustrated. However, coaching can help employees to develop the skills to face these challenges head on, contributing to a more supportive, positive corporate environment for everyone.

The bottom line? Coaching can help boost your team morale and improve your employees’ experience in the workplace, increasing job satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

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