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Case Study: Cultural Transformation through Executive Coaching

Case Study: Cultural Transformation through Coaching

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Supporting cultural transformation​ – through the delivery of Executive Coaching to leaders within a global oil & gas organization​.

Case Studies

The context 

The Oil and Gas industry faced major challenges in recent years. Demand is flat in a highly regulated industry with significant environmental pressures

Our client realized business as usual will not suffice – they needed significant transformation to sustain their past success, while seeking to deliver against a new 50-year strategy. With a clear vision focused on customers, competition and innovation, cultural change was necessary.   ‘Creating a coaching culture’ would be key in driving new behaviors throughout the organization. ​

Our client completely restructured and merged several divisions across their downstream and upstream businesses. To drive these new expectations throughout the business, the company leveraged several cultural change initiatives to support and sustain the transformation needed. ​

The solution​

LHH provided six-month Executive Coaching to 300+ senior leaders globally and Team Coaching to several critical teams in Houston, Brussels and Singapore:  

  • Engagements started simultaneously around the globe in EMEA, APAC, and the Americas​
  • All coaching engagements were delivered with local coach resources​

We designed and delivered a Coach the Coach program to 100+ HR BPs:

  • Encompassed an online coach digital toolkit, 2-day classroom training program with significant real-life coaching practice, 1:1 coach mentoring, and coaching skill assessments to embed and sustain learning ​

New leadership would be in various CEO/President roles across the new divisions, plus 60% of their leaders would be in new or expanded positions. This restructure created a significant opportunity, yet additional challenge, to change the culture during the reorganization.​

The results and impact​

Our client appreciated our flexibility and responsiveness, by listening to their needs as we created a unique solution for their business. 

Significantly improved HR BPs’ coaching skills through the Coach the Coach program, as the HR BPs enabled sustained behavioral change with leaders and teams they support.  The client offered this program 5x through 2018-2019 to develop more internal coaches as the program was so impactful.​

In one year, the organization significantly evolved from a hierarchical, top down, ‘tell me what to do’ environment to one where decision making occurs at lower levels, greater initiative taking place, and more people involved in decisions. ​

Source: lhh.com

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