Career Transition and Mobility Guide

Career Transition and Mobility guide

The Best Practice Guide For Career Transition & Mobility

This Best Practice Guide For Career Transition & Mobility guide will provide organisations with the useful tools and practical information from real cases that happened in UK since 2017. Therefore, organisations can avoid the pitfalls and plan for a seamless end-to-end redundancy process.

Planning: Make appropriate redundancy and talent plan.

Process: Execute the consultation process. 

Support: Support all employees through the tough time. 

We’ll delve into the full process from the planning stages through to completion whilst also considering how organisations can support their remaining and leaving employees through what can be a difficult time. 

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Turnkey solutions

We do most of the thinking, so you don’t have to. Our solutions are easy to implement. 

Flexible options 

Your needs may be immediate or longer term and our solutions range from plug and play to consultative. 

Easy purchase process 

We know your time is extremely limited and we respect that. We strive to make the purchase process quick and easy. 

Extension of your team 

Let us do some of the heavy lifting for you, we can serve as that additional member of your team. 

Global Scale 

Whether your workforce is located one state, 15 or around the world, our presence in 60 countries enables us to meet you where you are. 

Industry experience

We’ve been doing this for a long time, 50+ years as a matter of fact.

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