How to develop a future-proof workforce in the new normal

On-Demand Webinar:

How to develop a future-proof workforce in the new normal

What future of work looks like and what it means to Business Leaders.

As a thought leader in the consulting industry, we are dedicated to helping organizations plan strategies that address and support both individual and business needs.    

At LHH, our priority is to support organizations and individuals in times of transition. We consider it our role and responsibility to promote sustainable employment within businesses, in cooperation with the individuals.   

We will be organizing live webinars to discuss on what future of work look like and how to develop a future-proof workforce in the new normal.

? 10AM on Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Join our live webinar(s), you will get:

Corporate and HR leaders’ point of view on what a future of work looks like.

LHH’s insights and best practices which help corporate leaders to make informed decisions and HR leaders to create effective people strategies.

A full picture of resilience and how to build it at the workplace in 2020 new normal.

A chance to connect with friends and partners who are C-suite and senior levels.

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