LHH Outplacement Seminars 2020


LHH Outplacement Workshop

This 4-workshop series is a part of LHH Outplacement Program

In the first half of 2020, 

86% companies

in Vietnam have been impacted by Covid 19, leading to 

5 million

 people lost their jobs (DOLISA, 2020). Different scenarios in labor market are planned in alignment with the pandemic situations, globally and locally.  

LHH (Lee Hecht Harrson), operating in Vietnam since 1998, is supporting 4000+ professionals from multinational and local companies to land new jobs annually with career transition_outplacement service.

To support the jobless people from different organizations across industries to bounce back stronger, we introduce a series of workshop with very “hot” topics.

Who Should Join The Workshops

Individuals, WITH job or NO job, who are actively investing in career guidance and skills for personal development.  

Individuals, WITH job or NO job, who need to embrace new ways to stay relevant beyond the crisis. 

Business leaders, and/or HR professionals who are finding flexible and customized outplacement support to their retrenched staffs. 

Workshops Timeline


What to Learn

This 4-workshop series is a part of LHH Outplacement Program. Companies and individuals can buy one or more as a customized journey. 

Workshop 1:
Prepare for “Job Loss”

After this seminar, you will:

  • Be resilient in a new normal
  • Manage your career inside/outside organization
  • Build personal brand and professional networking to prepare for a “Dumb Date” (Notification Date)
Workshop 2:
Bounce Back from Your Job Loss

After the seminar, you will:

  • Accept Change as a new normal
  • Re-positioning yourself in the labor market
  • Re-connect to job opportunities (what are resources to find jobs)

Workshop 3:
Make Yourself Marketable

After this seminar, you will:

  • Understand labor market, recruitment trends and employment market insight.
  • Know Tools and channels to market yourself (CVs, social media, network, LinkedIn)
  • Build communication strategy to targeted market

Workshop 4:
Your Network-Your Brand

After the seminar, you will:

  • Explore Personal brand and Brand strategies
  • Know how to develop Networking for job search
  • Understand the Digital networking

* Note:
Language: Vietnamese.
Document: English
Price: contact us for more details.

Why LHH?

Operating in Vietnam since 1998, we understand the labor market and recruitment trends, supporting thousands of individuals to land a better job faster

  • Over  90% of candidates say they landed in a similar or better job, with a similar or better salary​.
  • 81% say their new job reflects a better alignment with their career objectives. ​

The insights on leadership cultures and working environment of hundreds of our clients, both multinational companies and big Vietnamese corporates, will help you to determine on your next move

Certified Career Coach having more than 10 years experience working with professionals at all levels

Global standardized resources/methodology and local expertise

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This 4-workshop series is a part of LHH Outplacement Program

Career Transition, Outplacement and Mobility

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