Notification Training for Managers and HR

Notification Training

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Notification Training for Managers & HR

This 30-minute training is to equip managers conduct effective separation discussions that ensure appropriate coaching for managers in respect to effectively communicating the announcement to your affected employees. This includes building confidence and training individuals on how to handle various employee reactions, as well as how to communicate with remaining employees and understand their concerns.​

? Tuesday, September 29th, 20220.

⏲ 3:30PM – 4:00PM

Notification Training

Notification Training Topics include:​

  • Structure of a Notification Meeting & its objectives.​
  • Preparing for the Notification Meeting​.
  • Communication Strategies​.
  • Conducting the Notification Meeting​.
  • How to Handle Various Types of Reactions​.
  • Traps to Avoid and Key Points to Remember​.
  • Understanding Outplacement and Career Transition Services.​
  • Helpful Checklists.​
  • LHH Career Transition Services​.
  • Strategies to Support Retained Employees.

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Why work with LHH?

We have the scale, the expertise and the insight to identify opportunities and deliver them.

People first – offering support across the full lifecycle of an employee – from the moment they walk through your door to supporting them through each phase of their career transition, we create new opportunities for your people and deliver them.

We meet you where you are – easy to implement career transition and talent development solutions that are designed with your needs in mind (delivered virtually or in-person) – including both off-the-shelf solutions or a more in-depth consultative project.

Fueled by technology – using proprietary and AI technology, we connect your people to unpublished and global job opportunities, support their progress to ensure they don’t fall behind and match their skills with current job openings. 

We do most of the thinking, so you don’t have to – we’ve been doing this for a long time, 50+ years as a matter of fact, take advantage of our expertise and let us do some of the heavy lifting for you.

We offer local and global support – whether you have offices located in one state, 15 or around the world, our presence in 60 countries enables us to address the cultural nuances and challenges of  local markets.

We make a difference – every year we support 500k+ individuals from over 7,800 organizations to transform careers, leadership and businesses to help them achieve their true potential. 

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