Performance Coaching Program

Performance Coaching Program

Why Organisations Need Performance Coaching?

  • Enhances the focus, alignment and commitment of teams to achieve optimal performance . 
  • Stimulates team member engagement and commitment. 
  • Promotes shared responsibility and accountability for team results​. 
  • Creates capacity to quickly orient and assimilate new members to maintain and accelerate momentum​
  • Drives accountability, agility and engagement​. 

LHH’s Performance Coaching

cocching model

This is a unique approach to working with teams that ensures top performance. The goal of performance coaching is improved effectiveness at the team level. Our approach to Performance Coaching is the combination of a unique model and coaching methodology applied by all LHH coaches to ensure team alignment for optimal performance.

Why our performance coaching different from others?

  • Coaching for everyone
  • Customisable goals
  • Coaching in blocks
  • Flexible coaching topics
  • Different topics with different coaches
  • Ability to access LHH’s coaches pool
  • Affordable package

When To Use Coaching

Performance Coaching

Handling Change​

Personal and professional change can be tough so that organization should give their people a space to talk it through​. 

Create happier teams​

Coaching helps with employee engagement, retention and overall happiness.

Develop your people​

Coaches can help people define their goals, expectations, career path in the organisation and stick to it​. 

Create better team performance

The day-to-day challenges of employee productivity will always call for a second opinion​.


Our Performance Coaching is based around 12 topics that we have found are the critical challenge areas for teams and front-line leaders to ensure high levels of performance, productivity and engagement.

Performance Coaching Topics

Performance Coaches

Performance Coaches

Our certified coaches use a globally consistent framework informed by assessments to identify development goals that are aligned to organisational impact:

  • All Performance Coaches are LHH accredited.
  • Team size per coaching group is 1-6 people.
  • This program is based on 60 minutes per unit, initial investment is minimum 10 units.

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