Upskilling and Reskilling

Reskilling and Upskilling

Why Organizations need a new Talent Strategy?

✔ Prepare for your organisations to ramp up activities in the Post COVID 19

✔ Reduce restructuring & recruiting costs

✔ Create transparency & ability to match talent supply to talent demand

✔ Achieve transformation objectives

✔ Grow the leadership pipeline

✔ Positively impact employer brand

✔ Transition out only those who are not fit for future

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How To Transition To A New Normal

Reskilling and Upskilling

We are now facing a perfect storm which has dramatically changed the world of work.

In this age of workforce transformation, business organisations will be separated into two major categories: those that are engaged in future-proofing their workforces and those that will struggle with the concept and remain trapped in the fire-and-hire loop.

Take restructure and lay off as an example, when experienced talent leaves the organisation there is a loss of productivity, organisational knowledge, and client relationships, not to mention, the cost associated with separation benefits combined with the cost to recruit, onboard and train a replacement. 

From replaceable to the renewable workforce

Segmenting the talent of your organization is key

Segmenting the talent of your organization is key
Employees who need some upskilling in addition to strong existing skillsets
Employees who have the aptitude to be reskilled & redeployed into new roles
Employees whose skills are not fit for the future and cannot be reskilled

Now is the time to execute a new talent strategy

When it comes to implementing a future-proofing strategy, best in class organisations recognise that enabling mobility requires more than delivering reskilling/upskilling opportunities to employees.

It requires supporting managers and leaders with programs that enlist their help and include them in the process of changing the culture of the organisation.

Talent Acquisition will need the ability to market emerging roles to the right people, and HR will need to be supported with tools and systems that deliver data and transparency to the entire process.

Reskilling and Upskilling

Reskilling and Upskilling

LHH’s reskill/upskill consulting can help organisations shift from a replaceable workforce to a renewable one. Specifically, we support organisations to prepare the readiness of their workforce for the future.

That helps to re-imagine structures of the company/ functions/ team and to reinforce workforce productivity. Moreover, our reskill/upskill practices can be quickly deployed and scaled.

How ready is your company for the workforce of the future?

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