LHH’s Coach the Coach™ 2024

LHH’s Coach the Coach™

A 6-month ICF Certified Coaching Program

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LHH’s Coach the Coach™ Certification Program

Our program is an internationally accredited ICF coaching certification program held in APAC that focuses on Business and Executive Coaching.

This program provides participants with practical skills and knowledge built around a proven coaching model and tools used by leading global companies.

Why become a coach?

As a coach, you can transform knowledge into impact and drive innovation in your organization.

After this program you will be able to:

Coach business leaders, peers, direct reports and clients with increased confidence and better outcomes.

Help business leaders and future leaders become more effective.

Help drive performance through formal coaching engagements as well as in-the-moment coaching conversations.

Use coaching to develop internal talent and new hires, lead/manage change initiatives, increase team effectiveness, and motivate, retain and engage key talent.

Program Structure

ICF COACH the COACH (Face-to-Face)

60 training hours

by the International
Coach Federation

5x full days

training workshops

10 hours

coach mentoring with a LHH’s Coach

Online coaching portal

and ICF accreditation guidance

Our Coaches

Who Should Attend

Leaders and hr professionals who want to be internal coach experts to drive greater, more sustainable results from formal coaching interventions.

Those individuals, who want to launch a career, part-time or full-time, as an executive, business or career coach.

Leaders and managers who want to develop the skills to coach their teams internally and support a coaching culture without taking on the full commitment of a certified program.

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