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The Value of Coaching: A Business Superpower For Everyone

The Value of Coaching: A Business Superpower For Everyone

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The Value of Coaching

Is your team doing too much at once? Are you struggling with staff turnover, inefficiency, or low morale? – Coaching can help to address these issues, and many more. By providing support, guidance and advice in a non-judgemental space, executive coaches can help your team to iron out any issues that they’re facing, and help to boost happiness levels and confidence to allow your team to get the job done.

Offering coaching to your team is a great way to demonstrate how much you value them, as well as offering a path to career development that will keep them motivated and engaged.

Why coaching matters

Our theory is that organisations can go further when everyone’s coached to get more from their career. So we think coaching’s right for the first-line manager, the working parent, the team leader with a packed-out schedule or a grad with buckets of potential.

When do we need coaching?

Develop your people​

Coaches can help people define their career path and stick to it​

Create happier teams

Coaching helps with employee engagement, retention and overall happiness​.

Handling Change

Personal and professional change can be tough. Give people a space to talk it through.

Create better managers

The day-to-day challenges of leadership will always call for a second opinion​.

Improved on-boarding

Give people a helping hand during their first 90-days.

Recruit the best

Good hires will always recognize coaching as a great benefit.

Who’s it for?

We believe coaching should be for everyone. But we’ve seen it work particularly well for these people.

Coaching - Who’s it for?

First-line Managers

Give them a space to talk through their new-found role and the skills of the job – like delegation and feedback.

High potential People

They need meaning and focus. A coach can make them find both.

New Starters

Newbies need a hand navigating a new culture, whether they’re joining your board grab scheme.

Transitional Teams

People going through change sometimes just need to talk through how their new role or location will work.

Remote Colleagues

When you’re not in the office every day, you can easily start to feel distant. Help these people feel closer and keep them on track with their goals.

Last year, we noticed a problem with professional coaching…

Not coaching itself, but the way it works – a professional coach can change your life, and not even just your work life. They can help you become more self-aware, set goals, and work through problems that might be holding you back.

But in most organizations, only top teams and executive leaders have access to this superpower. We hated to see all this untapped potential; we started to imagine what organizations would look like if everyone was coached to get more from their career – and we designed and built Performance Coaching.

Learn more about LHH’s Performance Coaching

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