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Workforce Transformations Insights April 2020

Workforce Transformations Insights April 2020

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Workforce Transformations Insights April 2020

Think about workforce transformations in a whole new way.

Welcome to Transformation Insights, a publication devoted to the latest thinking on what it takes to transform organisations.

The coronavirus pandemic is transforming the world forever, forcing us to rethink and reshape our businesses and our lives. As the result, many companies are transforming to adapt the new situation, but are they successful?

COVID-19 is accelerating business transformation. Before the pandemic, all kinds of organizations were pursuing business or workforce transformations to meet future challenges and opportunities. Unfortunately, many of these companies were taking a very long time to enact change. And even when they did, they were reluctant to go all in, leaving them in limbo: neither the same as they were nor different enough to really move into the future. Many organizations had acknowledged the need to “transform” but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

After the pandemic, we will see many more businesses fully embrace rapid,
urgent transformation. They are learning how to do this purely as a matter of survival. We have already seen this in some industries like hospitality and healthcare. Social distancing meant that many restaurants went from being fully booked to completely empty. Undeterred, many began re-tooling their operations to focus solely on pick-up or delivery service. They were aided signifcantly in this transformation by companies that provide meal delivery on demand. In order to protect patients seeking medical advice or treatment, healthcare systems are pushing people to telemedicine options to limit human-to-human contact. Patient trafc to telehealth services is surging. Telemedicine app Amwell experienced a 158% increase since the virus hit. The shift to telemedicine is poised to dramatically impact the healthcare industry, creating new opportunities. Other organizations in other sectors of the economy are being forced to adopt similar changes, and it will change the world of work forever.

“In today’s marketplace, organizations are discovering the need to turn their attention inward to find their future talent. Let us help you turn your workforce into a true force.”

We combined research insights with our expert knowledge to home in on five key areas of focus to ensure workforce transformation success.

  • Put HR in the Driver’s Seat
  • Honest Evaluation Ensures Ongoing Success
  • Let Leaders Lead
  • Don’t Leave Career Development in the Dark
  • Culture is Crucial

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