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Workforce Transformations Insights June 2020

Workforce Transformations Insights – June 2020

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How The Pandemic Is Changing The Rules Of Talent Management

How The Pandemic Is Changing The Rules Of Talent Management

This is the moment to get your organization on the right side of that equation

What Does a Planful Approach Look Like?

The best executive transition plan will probably look a little bit different depending on the size and nature of the organization. However, the key best practices – transparency, collaboration, and support – will remain a constant. Organizations must engage with the executives in transition in an open and honest context. They must display a willingness to work together to come up with a transition plan that is fair to both the individual and the organization.

In the absence of crises, it’s easy to ignore things like succession planning and executive departure strategies. In our current environment, which is defined by volatility and uncertainty,

No organization has an excuse for not planning ahead.

Let’s get more details in the 8 topics below.

  1. How the Pandemic is Changing the Rules of Talent Management – Greg Simpson
  2. Leadership Shake-ups on the Horizon: How Prepared is Your Organization? – William (Bill) Brown
  3. The Good, the Bad and the Awkward: Tips for Making Video Calls Better – Sharon Patterson
  4. How to Promote a Culture of Caring and Compassionate Leadership – Alex Vincent, Ph. D
  5. Culture: The Catalyst for Transformation – Dr. Mary Clare Race
  6. Now is the Time to Start Prospecting for Great Talent – Helene Cavalli
  7. What Lies Ahead: Three Fundamental Changes to How We’ll Work Post-Pandemic – Dan Lett
  8. Leadership – Pandemic Style – Steve Harrison

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