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Unlimited coaching


Unlimited Coaching

Suitable for all levels of Executives, Leaders, Managers and High Potentials

Includes assessments and resources that support growth and development.

What is Unlimited Coaching?

Unlimited coaching means coachees have as many 1:1 coaching sessions with their coach during a defined period (ex: 3, 6, 9, or 12 months). After that period, the unlimited program ends. If the coachee desires more coaching, extensions can be purchased.

Executive leaders need a different coaching approach

Executive leaders are facing some of the toughest challenges in business that can have long lasting effects on the overall business performance. We need to create the safe space for executive leaders to have transparent conversations about challenges, hard decisions, and pivotal moments with a trusted coach/advisor with access whenever and wherever they want it.

Executive leaders are…

Faced with difficult challenges that have lasting business impact

Uniquely responsible for change, innovation and transformation

Often transitioned into the C-Suite amidst chaos and expected to quickly deliver results

Coaching should be…

A safe space to have transparent conversations with a trusted advisor about hard decisions and pivotal moments

An innovative and transformational coaching experience with a coach who has walked in their shoes

Always accessible, whenever and wherever needed

Coaching isn’t just a product

It’s a true transformational experience through a deeply human connection that propels the success of the executive and the business. 

Benefits of unlimited programs for the business

  • Increased Value for money: Clients are investing in the length of program which means coachees will have as much access to their coach as needed to maximize their coaching engagement
  • Easier to manage and report on because it is time bound and customers/coachees won’t have to also track the progress over months and years beyond the original timing of the engagement
  • Easier for the customer to sell it internally: HR Directors at customer will appreciate the argument which help them selling coaching services internally.

We recognize that EXECUTIVES are different. You are responsible for transformation and are facing difficult decisions every day. Whether you are taking your leadership team or organization to the next level, leading a large transformation initiative, or accelerating performance, we have an experienced team of former executives who now are certified coaches to support the results you are looking to achieve.

Benefits of unlimited programs for the coachee

  • More availability of the coach: Having access to the coach on a more readily basis may increase comfort and allow the coachee to not feel constrained by the limited number of hours.
  • Flexibility & focus: no restrictions on number of sessions with the coach means coachee can work through a focus area when they need to as often as they need. This can also mean really going deep into a topic if required. Coachee gets as much coaching as they need to meet development goals.
  • Management Support: unlimited access to a coach is a reflection of the commitment of the manager and business to the success of the coachee. As a result, the coachee will feel more supported and set up for success
  • Personal Achievement: by having access to unlimited coaching, the coachee has the opportunity to check-in more frequently, practice  in real time and can see immediate results, 
  • Easy access to coaching: unlimited coaching gives a further  level of “democratization” and easy access to coaching services. 

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