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Transformation Insights 10th- Creating Opportunities For the Future

Transformation Insights 10th- Creating Opportunities for The Future

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Workforce Transformations Insights

To help identify emerging trends in 2021, it’s important to first reflect on what happened in 200 to see how these insights inform the opportunities that lie ahead. At LHH, we are critically concerned about workforce transformation as a strategy to not only improve current performance but also future-proof companies for the inevitable change that is to come. Our tenth edition of Transformation Insights is now available. This quarter we feature future-focused perspectives and insights that will help business leaders keep up with today’s rapid change.

In this issue Arne Hellmuth, Alex Vincent, Cara Danielson, and Sharon Patterson share fresh ideas to help employers build fit-for-future workforces. Caroline Pfeiffer Marinho talks with Shanthi Flynn about the unique career advancement challenges women face. Jim Mitchell and Rob Hosking share new practices in recruiting and hiring that will help organizations compete effectively for talent. And we hear from Frank Congiu who shares his personal story about the invaluable role mentors have played in his career.

Let’s explore:

  • Employee expectations are changing: Here’s where employers need to focus
  • 5 core practices to build an effective virtual onboarding program
  • Living your best life: 4 Key lessons that will advance your career
  • The employment bridge: Workforce planning designed for an age of unprecedented challenges
  • The future of recruiting & hiring: 5 trends to watch
  • How to find a mentor and tap into something bigger

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